Heartbeat AI is coming into its 3rd year. Reflecting back, we are proud of what we built, how much we have learned, and the choices we made. They say that the only constant is change. We are ready to grow and change in 2018.


Our Mission

We teach machines the language of emotions to understand how humans feel and help us understand each other better.


Our Vision


Our Values

  1. Open Mind & Open Heart: We are curious individuals, always learning new things to challenge ourselves and optimize our human potential. We ask open-ended questions to learn what matters most to people to avoid making assumptions. We actively listen and create an atmosphere of psychological safety for each other, so everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions.

  2. Radical Transparency: We are honest and share openly what we do and how we do it to build trusting relationships that enable us to learn, grow, and innovate together.

  3. Reliability & Trust: Data represents conversations between an organization and the people it serves. Most of the time, it is private, confidential, and highly sensitive information. We work together to understand the context and ensure that data is protected and risks are minimized.

  4. Humility: We recognize that we are not perfect and are receptive to feedback. We admit when we don’t know the answers, when we’re wrong, and where we’re at in our process of development. It’s OK to make mistakes - it’s unacceptable not to admit, analyze and learn from them. We turn mistakes into lessons.

  5. Co-creation & Collaboration: Collaboration is the new competition. By working together and sharing our talents, gifts and experiences we are able to create solutions that will have an optimal and sustainable impact on people, communities and humanity.

  6. Integrity & Dependability: We hold ourselves and each other to high standards of honesty and integrity. We never say anything about a person that we would not say to him/her directly. We don’t tolerate dishonesty and bullshit. We get things done on time, meet expectations and take 100% responsibility for our results.

  7. “Deep” learning: We constantly learn “soft” and “hard” (aka “technical”) skills, including product, customer and market knowledge. It’s our individual and professional responsibility to learn, improve our skills and ask for help when needed.