Head of Operations


I’m an entrepreneur and an integrator with a passion for design, business systems, organization, and management. I thrive in startup environments with small teams with many challenges, grand visions and honest and open values. I have spent my career building the myriad of skills required to wear the many hats needed that range from the purely functional and organizational to creative and strategic.I believe that the fusion of the creative, design thinking, lean methodologies with the skills of tech, digital, finance, and management has provided me with a broad interdisciplinary viewpoint for building a successful company.

I am proud to be the Head of Operations and more, of a startup, Heartbeat AI. We are building a conscious company with the values, integrity, and vision that we would want to work in, with passion, to create something meaningful for myself and the future of our children and the world.

I am currently focused on designing and building business systems and asset, organization, management, strategic planning and sales enablement frameworks, growing it’s enterprise SaaS and API business into a premiere emotion analytics platform.

In terms of design, I also deeply believe that it plays a much larger role than merely making things look pretty. It is essential to providing UX insights from the ground up and influencing strategic business direction. I apply inspired thinking and creativity to design every touchpoint, solidifying a fluid visual narrative. My passion is as a fusionist, to use design as the unifying vehicle to drive the best user experience.

I strive to maintain a balance between all the hats one needs to wear while running a start-up business. At Heartbeat, we are building an inspiring and functional remote workplace environment for our growing international team.