Heartbeat MR Partner, Australia


I was heavily influenced by and proud of the stories of my family – my grandfather’s cement business and a rich history of potters and painters. These stories reflect my approach to work and life… creative and concrete.

This approach, along with my values of integrity, dependability and openness were catalysts for creating Lewers Research in 2005. We are thriving today, with a talented team and a consistent revenue growth. Our clients include Australia’s largest blue chip companies.

With over 20 years research experience, I am a trusted advisor to my clients.  I enjoy building partnerships, introducing new thinking, new technologies and new ways. When I found Heartbeat, I was immediately excited by its potential. While I knew I had found a valuable solution for my clients, it was Lana's story, passion and purpose that really struck a chord. Heartbeat provides a platform for uniting people through shared emotions. It recognizes that a problem shared is a problem halved, and helps decision makers understand the emotional impact of their actions. 

When I’m not busy helping the team craft research solutions or discovering and applying the latest techniques, you can find me at my easel painting beautiful blooms. I’d love to live in a home on a flower farm.