Founder & CEO


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony," Gandhi reminds us. I relentlessly pursued this kind of happiness all my life, each new chapter bringing more understanding of what it means to me.

Today, it means that I stand for positive progress, speak my truth, and do something I deeply believe in. As a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur, I am driven by a deep faith in human potential and business with purpose. A researcher, a marketer, a psychologist and an unstoppable innovator inside me brought together all my knowledge and intuition to create Heartbeat.

As our team grows, so is my belief in the bright future of our start-up. We are looking into the future as active agents of positive change. We recognize that we can't separate the future of individuals, families, teams, industries or countries from the Global perspective of our collective future. We are in it together: Canadians, Americans, Russians, Australians, Asians, Natives, Christians, Muslim, atheists, women and men, black and white, Republicans and Liberals, rich and poor. One thing that unites us all is that we are emotional beings. We are all alike and we are all unique at the same time. This paradox will inspire me and Heartbeat for years to come.