CTO / Advisor


I am a software engineer and an entrepreneur with a passion for complex problems and beautiful solutions. What I love in software development is variety of choice of tools and methods available that solve problems for clients and users. I love to see businesses and users benefiting of my team’s products.

My role in Heartbeat is to ensure the technology behind the Heartbeat AI is reliable and never becomes an obstacle for the implementation of the team’s ingenious ideas. When I am not working for Heartbeat, I am also a proud co-founder of IT Attractor, an IT development resourcing and consulting centre and supplier of great software solutions.


Director of Business Development & Social Impact

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Social entrepreneur and intentional global citizen. I focus my energy on the growth of high-impact technology companies and the building of compassionate communities. Through founding and development roles in technology startups and as a committed volunteer, I seek to bridge the high-tech and high-touch to best serve human flourishing.

Bringing authenticity and an open mind to every conversation, I love to deeply connect with customers and audiences. By developing a true understanding of their challenges and goals, we can then co-create transformative solutions. 

Our society continues to advance technology exponentially, but without a commensurate expansion in empathy, our individual and shared humanity will not be able to flourish. With Heartbeat, we have a unique opportunity to not only infuse our 'humanity' into all aspects of this unique solution, but to use the technology to enhance humanity, globally. 


Project Manager


Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward, said Joy Gumz.

From early on in my developing career, I learned successful projects have to be carefully planned and managed. My first job as a tour guide in St. Petersburg, Russia taught me to be thorough, attentive, good with people and very organized.

Breaching from a work in a cultural environment to the technical field in USA, I realized that Project management is where I could perform the best with what nature, education and experience gave me.

Lana’s ingenuity to marry science and emotions struck me as something quite challenging but plausible! I was charged with the idea and when the opportunity presented itself, I was excited to join Heartbeat team. I believe that my 20 years of experience, managing technical projects, will help to drive Heartbeat to the glorious and profitable future.

When not working or managing something, I like to enjoy nature, animals, attending artsy exhibitions and exploring new places and countries!


Director of Customer Experience & Storytelling


As a Data Humaniser, Angie Fleming is dedicated to uncovering patterns and insightful epiphanies by translating raw data into holistic stories focused on people and relationships. Through data strategy, synthesis and storytelling, she enables organizations to strengthen their relationships with the people they serve. As a result, they are able to collaboratively and sustainably advance their missions towards realizing their impact on people, the planet and their profits.

She uses data and dialogue as a means to develop empathy by building a deeper understanding of people (e.g. what they do, think, feel, say, want and need). By combining her multicultural, multilingual, and various talents, she often acts as a translator and integrator to facilitate collaboration to bring out the best among diverse groups (i.e. analytical and creative solutions, eastern and western philosophies, short term and long term benefits, etc.)  


Science Lead, Psycholinguistics


My passion for psychology and communication made Psycholinguistics the perfect match for me. By combining my knowledge of how we develop, perceive, and produce language, with Heartbeat’s innovative advances in AI technology, I believe we have the opportunity to accomplish extraordinary things in the near future.

I am completing my Master’s in Linguistics, and loving every second of it. We are all highly emotional beings offering such complex contributions to our societies and the world at large. Understanding and identifying these emotions is key as they drive our everyday choices. Helen Keller said: “The best and beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”


Manager of Client Support


In the past 3 years, I was working as a supply chain manager in telecommunication and was pretty happy about it. Then I met Heartbeat team, and they shared their tech-humanizing ideas with me.

Future is all about changes, so I've decided to keep going and change career a bit. I'm proud to be part of the progress and the team that works 24\7 to teach your refrigerator to stare at you and ask one day: "You look sad, what's up?" Hopefully, that would be our achievement.


Lead Data Architect, NLP/ML


I started my life-long relationship with technology as a graphic designer for a local newspaper. Always curious to know what's "under the hood", I learned a little bit of programming and software development, while working as a full-time designer and trainer. It is very motivating to be able to understand highly technical concepts and explain them to non-technical people so they feel good about technology.

I will never stop learning: photography, English, philosophy, Python, Machine Learning, NLP...  I want to travel and live in different places around the world, work from small cafés, listen to live jazz, keep learning about life and building cool things.


Director of Operations & Design


I am an entrepreneur with over 20 years' experience as a founder of a retail art gallery, and 6 years in a tech startup. My enthusiasm for business, systems and organization is only matched to that of design and art. I strive to maintain a balance between all the hats one needs to wear while running a start-up business. I am excited to learn new, better, and simpler ways of organizing operational systems and improving efficiency. At Heartbeat, we are building an inspiring and functional remote workplace environment for our growing international team.

I deeply believe that designers play a much larger role than merely making things look pretty. They are essential in providing UX insights from the ground up and influencing strategic business direction. I apply inspired thinking and creativity to design every touchpoint, solidifying a fluid visual narrative. My passion as a fusionist is to use design as the unifying vehicle to drive the best user experience.