Founder & CEO


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony," Gandhi reminds us. I relentlessly pursued this kind of happiness all my life, each new chapter bringing more understanding of what it means to me.

Today, it means that I stand for positive progress, speak my truth, and do something I deeply believe in. As a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur, I am driven by a deep faith in human potential and business with purpose. A researcher, a marketer, a psychologist and an unstoppable innovator inside me brought together all my knowledge and intuition to create Heartbeat.

As our team grows, so is my belief in the bright future of our start-up. We are looking into the future as active agents of positive change. We recognize that we can't separate the future of individuals, families, teams, industries or countries from the Global perspective of our collective future. We are in it together: Canadians, Americans, Russians, Australians, Asians, Natives, Christians, Muslim, atheists, women and men, black and white, Republicans and Liberals, rich and poor. One thing that unites us all is that we are emotional beings. We are all alike and we are all unique at the same time. This paradox will inspire me and Heartbeat for years to come.


Lead Data Architect, NLP/ML


I started my life-long relationship with technology as a graphic designer for a local newspaper. Always curious to know what's "under the hood", I learned a little bit of programming and software development, while working as a full-time designer and trainer. It is very motivating to be able to understand highly technical concepts and explain them to non-technical people so they feel good about technology.

I will never stop learning: photography, English, philosophy, Python, Machine Learning, NLP...  I want to travel and live in different places around the world, work from small cafés, listen to live jazz, keep learning about life and building cool things.


Head of Operations


I’m an entrepreneur and an integrator with a passion for design, business systems, organization, and management. I thrive in startup environments - small teams with many challenges, grand visions and honest and open values. I have spent my career building a myriad of skills required to wear the many hats needed to do this work that ranges from the purely functional and organizational to creative and strategic. I believe that the fusion of the creative, design thinking and lean methodologies with the skills of high tech, governance, finance, and management has provided me with a broad interdisciplinary viewpoint that helps to build a successful company.

I am proud to be part of Heartbeat AI as we strive to build a conscious company that has the values, integrity, and vision of a place we would dream to work in. It is a joy to work everyday with passion, to create something meaningful for ourselves, our clients and for the future of our world.

I strive to maintain a balance between all the hats one needs to wear while running a start-up business and life’s other simpler joys. In my spare time I love to read, cook, hike, spend time in nature, hang out with family and friends and work on my other passion photography.



Database Engineer


In the past 3 years, I was working as a supply chain manager in telecommunication and was pretty happy about it. Then I met Heartbeat team, and they shared their tech-humanizing ideas with me.

Future is all about changes, so I've decided to keep going and change career a bit. I'm proud to be part of the progress and the team that works 24\7 to teach your refrigerator to stare at you and ask one day: "You look sad, what's up?" Hopefully, that would be our achievement.


Heartbeat MR Partner, Australia


I was heavily influenced by and proud of the stories of my family – my grandfather’s cement business and a rich history of potters and painters. These stories reflect my approach to work and life… creative and concrete.

This approach, along with my values of integrity, dependability and openness were catalysts for creating Lewers Research in 2005. We are thriving today, with a talented team and a consistent revenue growth. Our clients include Australia’s largest blue chip companies.

With over 20 years research experience, I am a trusted advisor to my clients.  I enjoy building partnerships, introducing new thinking, new technologies and new ways. When I found Heartbeat, I was immediately excited by its potential. While I knew I had found a valuable solution for my clients, it was Lana's story, passion and purpose that really struck a chord. Heartbeat provides a platform for uniting people through shared emotions. It recognizes that a problem shared is a problem halved, and helps decision makers understand the emotional impact of their actions. 

When I’m not busy helping the team craft research solutions or discovering and applying the latest techniques, you can find me at my easel painting beautiful blooms. I’d love to live in a home on a flower farm.