#10 - Only 1% of visual information is processed

Contrary to common beliefs, the brain has a limited processing capacity. It can only effectively process about one per cent of the visual information that it takes in.
— Canada Research Chair in Visual Neuroscience, 2011

Shoppers selectively filter out important from unimportant visual information.

In the presence of visual clutter in-store, the key to the normal functioning of these "filter neurons" is the ability to selectively and strongly inhibit the unimportant information, giving the rest of the brain access to what is relevant.

A shopper’s ability to successfully accomplish a single action in the presence of visual clutter is dictated by how well “filter neurons" suppress the clutter.

Working memory decline in older adults is due to an inability to ignore distracting information.


Shoppers who are older, tired, stressed or otherwise not 100% alert can effectively process even less than one percent of what they see. Simplify and help navigate the clutter.