#6 - Brain connection between sight and touch

When we imagine the difference between touching a cold piece of metal and the warm fur of a kitten, most people can literally ‘feel’ the two sensations in their ‘mind’s touch.’ The same happens when they watch video clips of hands touching varied objects. ‘Feeling with the mind’s touch’ activates the same parts of the brain that would respond to actual touch.
— Cerebral Cortex, 2011; K. Meyer, J. T. Kaplan, R. Essex, H. & A. Damasio

Human brains capture and store physical sensations, and then replay them when prompted by viewing the corresponding visual image.

When shoppers look at a product, their brain not only processes what the product looks like, but remembers what it feels like to touch it as well. This connection is very strong.


For product packaging and displays to stand out, try to evoke pleasant multisensory experiences. Create innovative packaging and displays that use images to trigger pleasant touch sensation in shoppers: soft, cool, warm, natural.