#19 - How to design for fast attention

The brain’s ability to understand a whole scene on the fly gives us an enormous edge on an organism that would have to look at objects one by one and slowly add them up.
— Journal of Neuroscience, Irving Biederman

One of human survival trait - our brain's ability to comprehend a scene - happens in a fraction of a second.

Shoppers process the interacting objects that comprise a scene more quickly than unrelated object,

The interaction of objects in a scene actually allows the brain to identify those objects faster than if they were not interacting, so called "scene-facilitation effect.”

Another visual that works like a magnet for shoppers’ attention is a human face.


Use the “scene-facilitation effect” to design in-store visuals – from packaging to POS. Then add human faces,  bright appetizing objects and some humour for a winning strategy.