#13 - Shopper emotional journey: virtue or vice, happy or stressed

As shoppers spend more time in the store, they begin to feel time pressure when making the visit. They are less likely to spend time on exploration, and instead focus on visiting and shopping at store zones that carry categories they plan to buy.
— Journal of Consumer Research, 2009. Hui, Bradlow, and Fader

The more time people spend in a store, the more purposeful they become. After purchasing a "virtue" product” (like a healthy food), people are more likely to purchase something from a "vice" category (like an unhealthy snack).

Shoppers are attracted to crowded store zones – butthey are less likely to make a purchase there.

Stressed out or tired shoppers spend minimum productive time at the store – they are either rushing to get out or wonder aimlessly feeling lost. They are also more price sensitive.

Happy and confident shoppers follow their mood flow: from browsing, exploration and playing to purposeful shopping.  They are less likely to be in a frugal mode.


Create a step-by-step shopper experience that enhances positive moods and helps minimize the negative. Map your store's "mood" zones and improve (or completely re-design) each key zone using shopper insights and good retail design.