#12 - Three factors that influence the shopper

Shopping experience is the sum total of every interaction a consumer has with your store before, during and after the transaction, the sum total of an individual’s perceptions & feelings of your organization. It’s based on all the direct and indirect interactions she has with you.
— Pine and Gilmore, The Experience Economy

Shopping experience is a non-linear and very complex process to understand and to design. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of elements that influence the shopper at every single moment. We suggest to categorize those elements into three main groups:

  1. Objective factors, that we can understand, measure and test using Point of Sale, Loyalty or other "hard" data available in retail;
  2. "Human" factors, that we can understand through observation, eye tracking, and survey-based research like Heartbeat tool; and
  3. Situational factors, that need a combination of tools and a common-sense approach.


People do not have a "buy button" and they are not easy to understand. The journey to understanding your shoppers is a process that requires curiosity, common sense and experimental mind-set.