#11 - Loyalty cards & apps use in Canada

Q: Do you like using store loyalty cards, point cards or/and smart phone apps to aid with your grocery shopping?

A: Yes. I like planing my week and it is handy to be able to see a recipe and have all the ingredients added to the shopping list. Then even at check out, using the phone to show the loyalty card is faster than looking through my wallet for the actual card.
— 2015 Heartbeat Study

We conducted a Heartbeat study with urban shoppers in Toronto and Vancouver, that revealed that people want improved loyalty programs that offer not only points, but other features that could help simplify their shopping, educate about products, and even make shopping more inspiring and fun.

So what?

With the increasing number of brands and retailers, creating sustainable loyalty programs, an unbreakable emotional bond with the customer is critically important for a business. According to a Gallup study, customers with strong emotional connections to retailers visit their respective stores 32% more often and spend 46% more money than those without emotional bonds.