#1 - Blocking by Colour & Shape...

The visual system fools us into thinking that we process everything in rich detail, when in many cases we are processing only the most relevant pieces of the world.
— Psychological Science 2011, Steven L. Franconeri

Although our eyes record the word as millions of pixels, our visual system shows us a world that looks like objects. It does this by grouping areas of the visual field with similar characteristics: by color, shape, or motion.

The visual system is limited by its ability to perceive only one group at a time. 

In a busy shopping aisle, the task of shoppers’ visual systems becomes progressively harder as more groups are added to the visual field. It adds extra time and mental stress to shopping.


Blocking the shelf space by colour and shape will help shopper’s visual system to make sense of the environment. It will increase stop-ability, shop-ability and overall shopper satisfaction.