Access deeper insights quickly + accurately.

Harness the power of technology to automate the collection and analysis of open-ended text data. As the only sentiment analysis tool to differentiate 100 emotion categories, Heartbeat AI offers unique clarity into how people really feel. Uncover strategic insights, epiphanies, and competitive advantages to inform your human-centered approach.


Collect the Data
with Validate IT



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Analyze the Data
with Heartbeat Ai



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Deep Emotions Insights

Making emotions accessible + actionable.

  • Collect the data in ccollaboration with ValidateIT
  • Quantified Emotions ranked by frequency
  • Data visualizations of emotion maps and charts
  • Sentiment analysis positive, negative & neutral
  • Word clouds combine popular words & sentiment
  • Emotive words help you uncover key language, contextual usage and sentiment
  • Customization to improve accuracy and precision

Optimized human experiences.

Measure the human experience across the customer journey for enhanced insights and recommendations

  • Ad pre-testing
  • Customer & shopper journey experiences
  • Brand tracking & brand equity
  • New product & early stage creative testing
  • Customer satisfaction & NPS …    and more!


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