Build emotion maps quickly + accurately

Harness the power of technology to automate the analysis of text data. The only deep sentiment analysis tool to differentiate 100 emotion categories, Heartbeat AI reveals how people really feel. Uncover strategic insights, epiphanies and competitive advantages. Save hours of manual data coding and focus on connecting the dots instead!

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Total access to our technology + expertise + network

Join our Empathy Tech Community which includes access to our platform, team, talent, and the latest thinking and skills needed to build human centered organizations. 

GRCA members save the $2500 (USD) On-boarding fee on a Single User Membership Plan. You can select either a Monthly ($1,000) or a Yearly ($10,000) payment plan. 

Membership plans give you access to our platform with :

  • A single user account
  • Up to 4 reports per month on a monthly plan
  • Up to 48 reports annually on a yearly plan
  • Low excess costs for additional reports if needed
  • End-to-end support and expertise, including up to 3 hours of consulting and data support monthly for:
    • Survey question design to gather insightful quant data
    • Data cleaning to make your data easy to work with
    • Data curation to improve the quality of emotions analysis
    • Data analysis to uncover emotions-based insights
    • Report creation to share your story with impact and clarity
    • Empathy dialogue with key stakeholders to surface insights + actions


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