Heartbeat AI is a text analytics platform with a sole mission to understand emotions. We help organizations to understand people and to improve human experience. You can't improve what you don't measure.


Uncover how people feel: your consumers, customers, employees, patients

Our platform quickly transforms text input from any source - surveys, call center transcripts, customer reviews - into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories, which are derived from thousands of words and phrases. These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind behaviour, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes.  We deliver the data essential for understanding the main drivers of human behaviour in depth, with accuracy, at scale, in near-real time.

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Utilize any unstructured text data such as:

  • Open-ended survey questions
  • Interview transcripts
  • Customer feedback
  • Call center and chatbot transcripts
  • Product reviews
  • Employee feedback

Automated analysis validated by experts using the most comprehensive emotion taxonomy powered by NLP.

  • Supports multiple languages
  • DIY SaaS or full service
  • CSV data appends
  • Real-time API is available for custom integration

Review results in a comprehensive dashboard

  • Correlate with custom topics
  • Slice and dice with Meta Filters
  • Garner insights yourself or with the help of our team
  • Build out further with custom regression analytics
  • Keep it ongoing with Pulse