Heartbeat AI is an emotion analytics platform. We help organizations to understand people to improve the human experience.


Uncover how people feel and what drives their behaviour.

Our platform quickly transforms text input from any source - survey open-ends, call center transcripts, customer feed-back, product reviews, employee comments - into relevant emotion categories which are derived from thousands of words and phrases. These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind behaviour, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes.  

 We deliver the data essential for understanding the main drivers of human behaviour in depth, with accuracy, at scale, in near-real time.

How we measure emotions

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  • Heartbeat emotion classification was hand-crafted to reflect the most advanced findings in psychology and affective neuroscience.

  • To understand and analyze emotions, Heartbeat AI uses text from various high quality sources of natural language.

  • The Heartbeat emotion classification algorithm takes unstructured text and converts it to a binary code representing 9 primary, 70 secondary emotions, and 3 body sensations.

  • We analyze unstructured text data using rule-based NLP for high accuracy & prevention of bias.

  • You can understand the emotions of your customers, employees, patients, and citizens using many objective measurement tools, yet natural language still remains a rich source of data - the only source that can show the nuances of human emotions.

Introducing Heartbeat HX™ Platform

Heartbeat AI teaches machines the language of emotions to understand how people feel in order to improve the human experience [HX].

Heartbeat AI is one of the most comprehensive sentiment analysis tools on the market. Our platform is based on the Universal Classification of Emotions by Dr. W. G. Parrott. It measures 9 primary and 70 secondary emotions, and 3 body sensations — a proprietary technology validated by external experts & clients.

The original award-winning Heartbeat SaaS was built in 2016. Our new API-ready platform — Heartbeat HX™ — was launched in 2018. It combines best-in-class contextual text analytics with traditional customer & employee experience metrics (CSAT, NPS, etc.). We offer a high level of customization and integration with other platforms (e.g., Qualtrics).

Human Experience Index (HX Index ) is a truly human way to measure customer, patient and employee experience. HX Index™ is a simple score derived from natural language. It correlates beautifully with quantitative measures like the Net Promoter Score, CSAT or ESAT, and makes it easier to understand Human Experience and the “why” behind actions, scores and attitudes.

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Heartbeat definitely gives another angle into the patient experience and allows us to squeeze more from new & existing data sources to understand their emotional journey.
— Healthcare Insights Agency
Love the tool! Fast, effective, visually compelling, easy to navigate and work with the data!
— Consulting Agency
Heartbeat AI quickly provided surprising insights that allowed us to envision a path to growth for our client that was not previously visible.
— Marketing Agency
I think Heartbeat represents a beautiful blend of technology and human nature. It is simple and elegant, making it highly accessible. It encourages expression and promotes understanding.
— Research Supplier

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