What Motivates People?

To build a strong organization, we need to understand what really motivates individuals and teams, and what pulls them down. There are six main factors that contribute to sustainable employee performance, engagement, and loyalty.














Tap Into Human Potential

How do you know if your employees are motivated and are reaching their full potential? Asking how people feel - about their work, their teams, the future of their career - will help understand the gap between what is and what is possible.

Our platform provides affordable real-time feed-back and emotion text analytics for teams of any size.

It is critical for companies to build a strategy to automate and instrument your entire range of employee experiences—and develop a “feedback architecture.” Every part of your employee experience (from candidates looking for a job; new hires going through onboarding; employees at work on a daily basis; and performance checkins, reviews, and exit surveys) all bring together information you need to understand your entire “employee experience.”
— Predictions for 2017, Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Team Journey Mapping

Life is a constant journey of growing and refining who we are. When we come together to work as a team on a common goal, we share our journey with others. Each of us is different: we get motivated by different things, we have different needs that change all the time, and we experience different emotions that, like GPS, show us how far we are from our "True North."


1. Ask how they feel

Pulse surveys with open-ended questions are easy and extremely valuable for checking in, building connection, trust and understanding. You will be surprised how rich and insightful they could be. 

2. Listen to understand and build empathy

When we see how people feel, even when their emotions are different from our own, we are wired to understand each other. That understanding leads to building cognitive empathy. Empathy is an essential part of effective social systems, such as teams and organizations.

3. Act with intent, design powerful experiences 

Listening and understanding is not enough if action does not follow. Once we understand how people feel in different parts of their journey, we could start designing moments of connection, delight, support and inspiration.  

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