Your employees are your brand-makers

Just like your most valuable customers, your employees define the long-term business success. In today's new social media landscape, there are no silos between 'internal" and "external" communication. People express their trust, anger, anxiety or happiness on all possible topics - from brands and services to their bosses - openly. 

Organizations are responsible for creating environments where positive emotions thrive, and trust becomes a given. They need to understand a wide range of employees' true emotions to know how to engage them, and how to build company's reputation and brand in the process. 

Having a window into employees emotions will give you critical insights into their levels of engagement and the way they define your brand. Emotions provide the deep insight needed for long term business health.

Research confirms that over 74% of brands could disappear and no one would care. Corporate distrust is reaching epidemic proportions. Anxiety due in part to global unrest and a growing, blatant gap between the wealthy 1% and the rest of the population is transforming into anger and resentment. Cost of living continues to climb as wage increases slow. As a result employers are struggling with employee ethos, absenteeism, mental health, engagement and poor retention. 

Today, most organizations do not fully understand these complex issues because they measure engagement in ways they do not identify true feelings.

Most employees are disengaged

How do you feel about your employer?

Employees bring their emotions to work and to the outside world. Why not ask them how they feel?

Emotions are notoriously difficult to measure. Heartbeat AI technology is addressing this need through its groundbreaking approach to employee analytics.

Heartbeat EX (Employee Experience) Pulse is not your usual employee engagement survey. Short, to the point, open-ended, frequent pulse surveys are quick yet deep. Just a few open ended questions delivered on mobile devices will reveal deep honest feelings and true motivations. Our AI technology will provide true actionable insights that will increase an organizations ability to truly engage their employees in ways that deliver productive work environment and powerful brand advocates.

Join our Benchmarking Study

Heartbeat, in partnership with Brand for Benefit, is conducting groundbreaking research to help companies better understand the emotional health of their employees. We are looking for companies to participate in a short, confidential survey to establish an emotional baseline for Canadian, US, Australian and British companies. The results will be public, and used for client benchmarking purposes. 

We are providing interested organizations with the opportunity to experience our powerful technology and learn from each other. This seminal study is designed to further validate and improve our approach to employee emotion analytics. We invite:

  • Companies with over 25 employees
  • Companies located in Canada, US, Australia and the UK (English only)
  • Participating employees will be invited to answer five open-ended and two closed-ended questions
  • Segmentation questions will include demographics (age, gender, city, country) and size of company (by # of employees)
  • Data will be aggregated by company and masked for confidentiality
  • Aggregated results will be published on the Heartbeat Dashboard
  • Company results will be available to each participating company for free
  • Individual responder results will not be available

To participate or ask questions please contact:

Lana Novikova, CEO & Founder of Heartbeat AI Technologies
Carolyn Ansley, CEO & Founder of Brand for Benefit