Emotions drive decisions

Emotions are an important part of how we make decisions.  If you are measuring customer satisfaction (like NPS), but not measuring her emotions, you don’t fully understand the "why" behind the dry numbers and the "why" behind her decisions. Check out a case study that shows how love, joy and trust drive high satisfactions scores for US banks.

Emotions drive loyalty

Telecom companies have some of the lowest customer satisfaction scores of all industries. To understand and improve satisfaction - and ultimately customer loyalty - some of the leading telecom companies use Heartbeat to analyze open-ended survey responses on on-going basis. They set benchmarks by emotion, not just by NPS, and build actionable strategies to address customer frustration, resentment, criticism or anxiety.

 Browse this sample Heartbeat dashboard that shows how people in US, Canada, UK and Australia feel about their mobile service providers. This article suggests some ideas and long term solutions for closing the gap between loyalty for mobile phones and loyalty for mobile service providers.

Emotions predict and explain behaviour

Unlike basic sentiment analysis, Heartbeat fine-grained emotion data is shown to improve predictive models such as prediction of churn, advocacy, brand equity, purchase intent and even political elections. 

We can utilize multiple data sources - survey open-ends, social media and customer reviews - to build the most accurate predictive models, and connect them with key business outcomes.


Build emotional experiences for your apathetic customers


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