Are you…?

  • curious to know how your customers feel about your products and services in ways that you can actually act on?

  • drowning in customer data but unsure why they make decisions the way they do?

  • struggling to find a competitive advantage (aka “insight unicorn”) that will impress your boss or clients?

  • trying to make your analytics processes more systematized and consistent?



Combining what people are thinking with how they are feeling


Deep insights can’t be found among scores and scales. Numbers are important to give us the ‘what’ and ‘how much’, while words help us access the answers to ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Heartbeat’s multi-disciplinary approach blends the latest in market research, neuropsychology, and semantics with machine learning and data analytics to help you uncover fine-grained emotional insights that are easily accessible and actionable.


The Winner of 2016 EU Insight Innovation Competition for Market Research Startups


Deeper insights, bigger impact


Heartbeat’s text analytics tool is designed to build deeper understanding and empathy with your customers by categorizing the key emotions, feeling words and phrases from within your unstructured open-ended text data such as: surveys, social, customer reviews and feedback. 


Bringing human centered insights to your analysis

Heartbeat will save you time, improve consistency, and uncover deeper emotional insights for your research projects:

  • Ad pre-testing
  • Customer satisfaction and NPS surveys
  • Brand tracking and brand equity studies
  • Shopper journey
  • A/B testing
  • Segmentation and U&A’s
  • Early stage creative development & ideation
  • New product development and testing
  • Online qualitative studies


Women & Chocolate


Hendrick's Packaging Test

Chocolate Moments Segmentation


Pantene & Dove: Emotions & NPS

iPhone & Samsung Brand Personality






McDonalds, Tim Hortons & Starbucks Personality

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Branding & Empathy

Let’s add emotional intelligence to your insights!

With Heartbeat Enterprise SaaS Solutions, customer insights becomes accessible, intuitive, and easy to action.

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