Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.

- Jonathan Lister


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We transform text input from any source - survey open-ends, call center transcripts, customer feedback, product reviews, employee comments - into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories, which are derived from thousands of words and phrases.

These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind human behaviour, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes. We deliver the data essential for understanding the main drivers of behaviour in depth, with accuracy, at scale.




Do you know how she feels on every step of her journey?


She is sad, tired, or even angry when she craves your brand of chocolate. When buys it, she used to feel relief, but since you changed your recipe, she feels in-control and zen-like. Last Valentine's Day she got a pair of earrings in a little purple box that made her exuberant - but this year's necklace box elicited suspicion. Could you have predicted the sense of joy and safety that causes her to linger for longer in her favourite music store? Can you detect the anxiety and defensiveness that the entrance to the emergency department makes her feel? Could you have foreseen how this usually progressive soul put an X beside the conservative candidate at the last election?

We admire businesses that want to improve the lives of people, as evidenced by how they feel. We believe that businesses that understand the emotions of their consumers thrive by humanizing their industries. They speak to her heart, and she responds.


Humans are open-ended 

We uncover the insights that can’t be found in scores, scales or pie charts. We reveal deep emotional stories that traditional research misses. We make it easy (and fun) to measure emotions from open-ended survey questions and qualitative transcripts. Unlike manual analysis of consumer commentary, which can take hundreds of hours and yield inconsistent data, Heartbeat AI quickly outputs reliable insights about your customer's true feelings.

Market Research Applications for Heartbeat Ai

  • Ad pre-testing

  • Customer satisfaction and NPS surveys

  • Brand tracking and brand equity studies

  • Shopper & consumer journey

  • A/B testing

  • Segmentation and U&A’s

  • Early stage creative development & ideation

  • New product development, prototyping and pre-testing

  • Text analytics for qualitative interview transcripts

  • Product Reviews analytics (fully automated scraping of reviews and on-going analytics; Amazon, Reddit, Google Play)


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