My Experience Working With Heartbeat

(by Deanna Danelon)
I began working for Heartbeat Ai as an intern through Cisco’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Circle program. This program connects University of Waterloo engineering students with female entrepreneurs to provide technical support and services so that women entrepreneurs can optimize their businesses. Though I haven’t been a part of the Heartbeat team for long, these past few months have provided some incredible experiences, and I have learned so much.

The greatest experience has been the opportunity to witness what incredible things women are capable of, thanks to founder Lana Novikova. Seeing Lana’s success and hard work as a women entrepreneur, despite working a tech field, has been incredibly inspiring. Working and studying in a male dominated field, such as engineering, it is easy to feel discouraged or inferior. Being a part of the heartbeat team has shown me that women are capable of absolutely anything. This team consists majorly of inspiring women who work hard to support each other, and reach success, defying all odds. This has provided me new found confidence that being a woman is not a setback, all we have to do is support one another.

One of the most important things I’ve learned since working here has been how important empathy is. Having a technology that can understand emotions is a complete game changer. We are not human without our emotions, and having a technology that we can work with to help better understand emotions is a huge step towards greater human potential.

I am so lucky to have become a part of Lana’s team and to have been able to gain the experiences I did. I work with incredible, inspiring, and hardworking people, who are working to help make the world more empathetic.