Heartbeat reveals fine-grained emotions...

...so you can truly understand people


Our award-winning software-as-a-service uncovers a wide range of emotions in unstructured text, including open-ended survey responses, product reviews, customer and employee feedback. We harness the power of Natural Language Processing and Supervised Machine Learning to provide an accurate deep analysis of the emotional drivers of behaviour.

Our platform quickly transforms text input from any source into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories, which are derived from thousands of words and phrases. These emotion categories offer revealing insight into the "deep why" behind behaviour, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes.

Heartbeat AI quickly provided surprising insights that allowed us to envision a path to growth for our client that was not previously visible.
— Marketing Agency
Exciting, innovative, interesting. It provides a new perspective.
— Research Supplier
Love the tool! Fast, effective, visually compelling, easy to navigate and work with the data!
— Consulting Agency
I think Heartbeat represents a beautiful blend of technology and human nature. It is simple and elegant, making it highly accessible. It encourages expression and promotes understanding.
— Research Supplier
Prior to Heartbeat, we had very little scope to quantify emotions in any reliable fashion at scale. Measurement of emotions was largely restricted to a laboratory setting making it impossible to implement for large scale, population representative, quantitative studies.
— Research Supplier

Our Journey started in May 2015

How do you scale... empathy?

By connecting market research, linguistics, psychology, psychotherapy, predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Python, design and... a clear bold vision.

The idea of asking good open-ended questions about emotions and feelings has been percolating since the early 2000's at first, through experiments with online consumer surveys, and, later through in-person psychotherapy. 

The algorithm of deep emotional understanding from explicit data (language) is already in our heads and hearts—we just need to pull it out and teach it to a machine. But the most important thing is to program the machine to use this power for good.

Today, our global team is helping companies on four continents build deep understanding and empathy for people. As a result, they transform their businesses: brands, communication, innovation and HR strategies.

We bootstrapped Heartbeat from an award-winning prototype to a full Enterprise SaaS and API in just a year.

We are committed to growing the Heartbeat business and our ground-breaking science on the principles of purpose-driven for-profit and social enterprise. We are open to collaboration and radical trust, and believe in excellence over competition.